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Getting Organized

So, as my bio says, I went back to teaching this year. Currently, I’m Assistant Teaching within a community preschool and LOVING it. The other Teachers are amazing, the program is amazing, and I’m very happy.

Part of this transition, and going back to school, is keeping my stuff organized. I used to be SO SO SO organized. And then Mr.B happened, and life happened, and somehow, things got out of hand and totally sideways on me.


On the weekend, I went to Ikea {who doesn’t love IKEA??!?!} and purchased some clear bins. They are my favourite, because they are clear, one of the sizes is likely┬áthe perfect size, and they stack.┬áThe best part: They are affordable! While I was on the hunt for other organizational items, I came across some cute labels, which I downloaded, and added my own text to. After using my paper cutter, I used my 5″ Xyron Creative Station to turn the cardstock into custom stickers! The finished product:

Bin Labels

The large label will go on the side of the bins, and the small label on the front, enabling two directions of label visibility when they get stored. I am organizing my materials likely a little different than most. I have chosen to organize my items according to the most likely groupings of themes in particular months, also to help keep my Preschool Teacher brain on the same page. :-)

Photo 2014-11-12, 8 25 21 AM

Happy Organizing!

I found the template for the tags here:

I used the font KG Behind Those Hazel Eyes {and as an aside, seriously have a girl crush on the fonts that Kimberly Geswein produces}