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Life is Busy!

I haven’t posted much since November. Truth be told, I haven’t done much since November. Christmas was upon me, and although I did manage to pull out a 12 Days of Christmas surprise on Mr.B {I’ll post some pics later}, that was really my only triumph over the holidays. On December 18th, a really close friend of was admitted to the hospital, and he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. He was given 16 weeks, max., but he only made it just past 4. It was a devastating tragedy, and has unfortunately consumed most of my free time. With the help of friends, we organized a fantastic celebration of life. However, my heart still aches. I’m fortunate; I was able to share with him all of the things I didn’t want left unsaid {there weren’t that many, really} and he was able to do the same with me. We had enough time to be heartfelt and honest, and I know he passed comfortably. This helps my heart a little, but does not completely remove the ache. For awhile, I was convinced my heart was broken, and barely held together. I hardly slept, I hardly ate, and in the end, I allowed my body to flourish with┬ápneumonia from lack of self-care.

I’ll be back up and running. Soon. xoxo