Pop Up Birthday Card

With my Father-in-Law’s Birthday fast approaching, I had to come up with a way to present his gift during dinner. Mr.B, his mom, brother, and I pitched in together and bought ourselves {and my FIL} tickets to see Craig Ferguson while he was here. Of course, my FIL had no idea, and we wanted to come up with a clever way to surprise him.

I booked us a table at my favourite mediterranean restaurant, hoping to stretch his culinary horizons with food he was unfamiliar with, and after some delicious pistachio and rose-water dessert, I presented him with a pop-up box card.

The card itself was very basic, and when opened, Craig Ferguson’s head popped up, along with one of his common phrases {“What’s a come and a go?”}, as well as the indication that we had tickets to see Craig Ferguson. My FIL is very hard to read, and hard to buy for. When he was opening his card, I wasn’t sure what to think… up popped Craig’s head, and my FIL thought that was pretty awesome. Then he read “Tickets to Craig Ferguson” and he looked at me and said. “What? Tickets? For tonight?” in complete and utter disbelief. “Yes” I replied. “We’d better get going, or we’re going to be late!”.



I followed the tutorial I found here:

Homemade Toilet Spray

For Christmas last year, I decided to make {mostly} homemade bath products. I scoured the internet looking for the perfect recipes and ideas to make soaps, bath bombs, facial bars, and even toilet spray. While looking through a neat store in Montreal, I had found commercialized bottles of the stuff, and was intrigued. Rather than splurge the $10 on a small bottle, I did some internet research and came up with a couple of recipes to try an experiment with.

To be totally honest, I love the stuff. I made a spray bottle for the bathrooms at work, hoping the gentlemen would use it and subject the rest of the staff to less frequent nasal assault… after which some of them asked me to make them personal bottles. Of course, I obliged, and then included some smaller spray bottles in the christmas presented I gifted last year.

I buy my Boston spray bottles locally at Soap & More and I usually buy my essential oils from there, too. The ladies are super friendly and helpful, and they always have an awesome stock on hand.

Eucalyptus & Peppermint Toilet Spray
1 – 2oz Boston bottle with spritzer
Witch Hazel
Distilled Water
10-20 drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil
10 – 20 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

Fill bottle 2/3 full with distilled water. Add 10-20 drops of each essential oil, to preference. Fill remainder of bottle with witch hazel. Screw the spritzer on tight, and give the bottle a really good shake. That’s it!

I made neat labels using Illustrator, printed them out onto paper, and used my Xyron to apply adhesive to the back for easy application.

For the bottles I give out as presents, I also put a small label on with the directions:
“Have to go Number 2? Spritz 2-3 sprays, before you do!” I also usually add a small bit about spraying the surface of the toilet, some people don’t get it.

Life is Busy!

I haven’t posted much since November. Truth be told, I haven’t done much since November. Christmas was upon me, and although I did manage to pull out a 12 Days of Christmas surprise on Mr.B {I’ll post some pics later}, that was really my only triumph over the holidays. On December 18th, a really close friend of was admitted to the hospital, and he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. He was given 16 weeks, max., but he only made it just past 4. It was a devastating tragedy, and has unfortunately consumed most of my free time. With the help of friends, we organized a fantastic celebration of life. However, my heart still aches. I’m fortunate; I was able to share with him all of the things I didn’t want left unsaid {there weren’t that many, really} and he was able to do the same with me. We had enough time to be heartfelt and honest, and I know he passed comfortably. This helps my heart a little, but does not completely remove the ache. For awhile, I was convinced my heart was broken, and barely held together. I hardly slept, I hardly ate, and in the end, I allowed my body to flourish with pneumonia from lack of self-care.

I’ll be back up and running. Soon. xoxo

Project Hubby: 12 Days of Christmas

Mr.B and I have been together for roughly seven years. In those roughly six Christmases spent together, I have only ever been privvy to getting something amazing once. Our first Christmas. He bought me a Cricut, which I love to this day. And he made sure it was pink.

This isn’t for lack of forethought or want; I know he wants to give me nice Christmas presents, but life always gets in the way. Christmas is a rough time for most, and for us, it seems that is when we get the most action – we took posession of our newly-built house just before Christmas, Mr.B was laid off one year right before Christmas, etc., etc., and so we’ve just never made a big deal out of it since.

BUT. We got married in September. This was our first Christmas as a married couple. Surely, that must mean something great. So I decided to surprise Mr.B with 12 days of presents, instead of just one. {Edit: He put his big ole foot down around day 7, feeling like I’d spoiled him too much, so the rest of his presents were given to him on Christmas Eve with both of our parents.} So here is the label set I made, and some ideas that i thought were quite clever.

1st Day of Christmas: A fancy black Polo Shirt from Banana Republic.
2nd Day of Christmas: 2 Pairs of Boxers.
3rd Day of Christmas: A 3-way Balaclava. {He needed one for snowmobiling}
4th Day of Christmas: 2 Pairs of Pants {technically 4 legs, and1 pair were for snowshoeing}
5th Day of Christmas: 5 small bags of “Humpty’s BBQ Rings”
6th Day of Christmas: A “cube” like power hub that had six power/usb outlets.
7th Day of Christmas: A Watch case that holds 7 watches. {He is an aficionado, after all}
9th Day of Christmas: 3x Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Trios = 9.
10th Day of Christmas: A list with 10 reasons why I love him.
11th Day of Christmas: 11 Hershey’s Kisses {I was running out of time!}
12th Day of Christmas: A Watch Winder, to wind the watch he technically bought himself.

I didn’t want all 12 things to be expensive, but I wanted some thoughtful things in there. The Humpty’s BBQ rings reminded me of our trip to Quebec to visit my family in 2013, and he loves Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!

#TBT Wedding Project #1

My first wedding project was to stamp napkins. Of course, I didn’t just want to buy a stamp and do it that way. No. I needed to buy a Print Gocco. I’d been scouring the internets for one, and low-and-behold, one came up for sale in my city. Of course, I snapped it up. These are the instructions:


I had already taken apart the elements of our monogram in illustrator, so I needed to create “the master” – I printed the elements I wanted to “burn” to the screen on the laser printer at work. Something about carbon. I lined up the graphics with the screen, very carefully:

2014-08-23 15.36.44

I loaded the mercury filled flash bulbs into the bulb holder, I asked my fiancee to video tape for good measure, and I pressed down really hard to burn the screen.

2014-08-23 15.41.07Once I had burned the screen, peeled the paper away and admired it, I set work on my napkins. First, I used washi tape to mark out a template so I would always put the napkin in the right spot. Then, I printed the heart first, in pink, and let them all dry:

2014-08-23 16.05.47
2014-08-23 16.06.02 2014-08-23 16.41.35 2014-08-23 16.57.31-1
After all of the hearts had time to dry, I moved the ink block around the outline of the monogram, and filled it black ink. Then I set my mind to printing 100 napkins, again. I think they turned out pretty good!


Getting Organized

So, as my bio says, I went back to teaching this year. Currently, I’m Assistant Teaching within a community preschool and LOVING it. The other Teachers are amazing, the program is amazing, and I’m very happy.

Part of this transition, and going back to school, is keeping my stuff organized. I used to be SO SO SO organized. And then Mr.B happened, and life happened, and somehow, things got out of hand and totally sideways on me.


On the weekend, I went to Ikea {who doesn’t love IKEA??!?!} and purchased some clear bins. They are my favourite, because they are clear, one of the sizes is likely the perfect size, and they stack. The best part: They are affordable! While I was on the hunt for other organizational items, I came across some cute labels, which I downloaded, and added my own text to. After using my paper cutter, I used my 5″ Xyron Creative Station to turn the cardstock into custom stickers! The finished product:

Bin Labels

The large label will go on the side of the bins, and the small label on the front, enabling two directions of label visibility when they get stored. I am organizing my materials likely a little different than most. I have chosen to organize my items according to the most likely groupings of themes in particular months, also to help keep my Preschool Teacher brain on the same page. :-)

Photo 2014-11-12, 8 25 21 AM

Happy Organizing!

I found the template for the tags here:

I used the font KG Behind Those Hazel Eyes {and as an aside, seriously have a girl crush on the fonts that Kimberly Geswein produces}

My First Post!


This is my very first attempt at actual blogging. I’ve got a variety of other half-started projects, and here’s hoping that because I actually spent money on this one, I’ll be able to keep it up & going. :-)

The intention is to share some of my crafty ideas, hopefully turn some of those ideas into projects, and post links to my favourite things: free typography, free printables, etc., and even post some of my own creations as free printables. Every body loves *free* printables!